Leographico provides exceptional creative talent and multi-disciplinary expertise in a wide spectrum of research & design focusing on digital and physical user experiences. Leographico presents selected works by Leo Melamud accomplished within 20 years in design field. Delivering world-class solutions user experience to clients and consumers, Leo works closely with project stakeholders to discover problems and design opportunities. Leo’s rigorous approach delivers solutions that streamline workflows, increase productivity, conserve production costs, and engage users and communicate ideas.


Leographico clients: Airbus, Thomson Reuters, Mayo Clinic, Best Buy, others


Creative direction, strategy & planning

Meeting with stakeholders, learning about customers, project requirements and objectives. Presenting vision to integrate project goals with user and business needs. Planning, scaling, outsourcing and estimating efforts coordinating work throughout the entire process.

Research & Design Innovation

Creating innovative user experiences for internet, desktop and mobile applications; Designing multi-channel marketing solutions; data visualization, infographics, and more.

Developing visual language and style, identity systems

Color, typography, layouts, illustrations, logos, photography, user interface and other elements – creating holistic and coherent eco-systems for digital products and marketing

Creative collaboration

Working closely with product management, analysts, designers and developers to generate concepts for new capabilities and improved experiences

Modern methodologies and efficient design processes

Design thinking, user-centered design, lean UX, waterfall & agile development, hybrid – establishing the most efficient design processes.

Mentoring and educating

In modern principles of design and UX practices, in usability and accessibility standards.

Leo Melamud avatar

“As a designer I was trained to think outside the box. I take a holistic approach and look at a problem from as many perspectives as possible. I always advocate for better user experience, which inevitably fulfills the business end of the client’s needs!”   ~ Leo Melamud

Additional information about Leo Melamud can be found on LinkedIn, and Coroflot.

Professional affiliations:
UX Professionals groupAIGA CA Communictions Arts group  Creative Design Pros Friend of Interactions information architecture group   Interaction Design Association