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Designed user experience for new generation of GCMS editorial system for Thomson Reuters legal and tax & accounting businesses. The project was extremely complex in terms of functionalities, geography and languages, and required to getting up to speed with the project quickly to lead the UX design effort.

It was essential to establish successful collaboration with distributed teams across the globe in order to produce designs that the users were extremely excited by, in addition to providing reviews and useful UXE advice to the development team. As an outcome, the new generation of GCMS gained a solid design and user experience foundation to continue.

Project activities: Leading UX design process by planning, researching, reviewing and presenting solutions; evaluating developed components at each sprint; designing new experiences  through wireframing & prototyping, reviewing during scrum meetings and grooming; communicating solutions and strategy to stakeholders; visual design and UI specifications; usability testing and front-end coding examination.

Displayed: world regions with users from Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Gulf countries, UX research, ideation examination and evaluation activities, UI specifications, usability testing.

Client: Thomson Reuters   Role: User Experience Expert