• story boards in design research for mobile app
  • low-profile prototype of mobile app
  • high-profile prototype of mobile app

Creating Food Health Meter app involved a wide scope of user experience design-process: from brainstorming ideas for the app and researching user needs to defining use-scenarios and flows; information architecture and interactivity; rapid prototyping; heuristic evaluations, functional and usability tests and reports; improving user experience through multistage prototyping and testing. Displayed: storyboarding of scenarios, low- and high-profile prototypes (Balsamiq / Axure).

Client: Stanford University. Utilized a large student-body and demographics to do testing and feedback during studying of HCI. Role: inventor,  researcher, evaluator, tester, planner and PM, designer.

design of mobile app assist and grocery shopping experience - use scenarios, functionality, AI, multistage rapid-prototyping and testing